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The Company

The first & final target of companies is PROFITS. Usually filtration philosophy consists to remove polluants from lubricants. Most of suppliers, in filtration's field, have no interest to prevent the source of contamination because it will cut their source of revenus. To sell common filtration they need polluants to remove and the continious contamination that will generate pollution. The DES-CASE technology and philosophy are 100% different, we work in the field of preventive & predictive maintenance. DES-CASE breathers stop contamination before entering in lubricated systems. Customer cost to follow this philosophy is ten times cheaper than remove polluants from the lubricant. So DES-CASE helps customers to improve maintenance procedures and to generate profits.

DES-CASE Europe sarl
Siret 421 129 396 00014 - APE 516K - N° INTRA CEE FR 60421129396
General Manager: Jean Christophe BERNARD
Business area: Import of US industrial products.
Technical area: Hydraulic, pneumatic & controls.

Phone: (33) (0)557 730 408 - Fax: (33) (0)557 730 409

Where are we situated in Europe:

Organization of Des-Case Corporation & DESCASE Europe
Des-Case Corporation is a privately held company.

Principals include:
Jean Christophe Bernard, CEO of Des-Case Europe, CEO of JCB Conseils & Shareholder of of DES-CASE Corp

Industries Served:
Des-Case has a niche product that crosses over into many market segments and categories.

Some of the more common applications identified are:
1. pulp and paper mills
2. airport ground support equipment
3. power plants and utilities
4. automotive and aerospace manufacturing
5. diesel power generators
6. food processing plants
7. chemical and petro-chemical plants
8. oil drilling
9. wind turbines
10. off-road vehicles